Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar  was a big  general in Acient Roman age. He became Roman emperor in the 59 BC. Since fighting and winning a civil war which became him as a great emperor in Rome. He was a war general who was so brilliant and dangerous.jc

During his authority, Julius Caesar  had  influence of Roman emperorship to entire Europe, a territory of Africa and most of west Asia. He began the biggest reformation to society and Roman’s government. He was also known as one of the most dictator leaders  in the world. He became dictator in his entire life so that it made the Rome government weaker and weaker.

After he dominated the region of Oceanus Atlanticus, Julius Caesar expedited the first Roman agregession to Britain and introduced Roman influence  to Gaul (France)

Julius Caesar died on march 15th 44 Bc because he was pricked till died  by Marcus Junius Brutus and some Roman senators. The act of murder  finally provoked the conflict until appearing the second civil war which became the end of Roman republic and was beginning of emperorship under the authority of Augustus emperor. His achievement in military division could be known in detail until now through some sources like his writing complaint collections and many his life story which was recorded by historian such as Gains Suetonius, traquillus Mestinus Plutarch and Lucius cassius Dio


the story about him has been translated by me from Avivah’s book which tittle is Tokoh tokoh Dunia yang berani mati.

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