Syekh Ahmad Yassin

Syekh Ahmad Yassin was born in Al-Jaurah village, Suburbs of Al – Mijdal, Gaza track of Shoutern   A region where it was near with Ashkelon in Israel . He went through education until 5 th grade of madrasah ibtidaiyah in Jaura Village. Broking out of the war between Arab  with Israel in 1948 forced him and his family moved to Gaza track. After undergoing middle  school from 1957 to 1958, he got paralysis in his four member of bodies because of the childhood accident. furthemore he attained directly a job as a teacher.syekh-ahmad-yassin-_120727172425-470

In his 12 years old, Syekh Yassin looked out Arabian defeat from Israel in Arab0Israel war. That defeat had created how the way syekh Yassin thought. He commited that Palestine people had to be able  figure on theirselves by tool theirselves up not to depend on other countries, either to Arabian  or  to international nations

Yassin political activity was started when he was 20 participating in demonstration  in order to against Irael , England and france invantion toward Mesir in 195. According to BBC news, he studied in Alazhar university, Kairo, Egypt where it was the birth place of Ikhwanul Muslimin . it was  where he  formed beliefe  that  Palestine and Israel lands are wakaf land whose muslim around theworld and not even any Arab leaders have right to give  any parts of this territory.

Israel citizenship government catched Syekh Yassin  in 1982 by accusation of secret resisstance movement leading and weapon hiding. He was been verdict by 13 years prison punishment but he was got away with it in 1985 by barter prisoner transaction between  Israel and  front Chizenry For Palestine exemption.

In the last year of 1987. He together  Other Palestine leaders  founded Hamas  which in the future definitely  took part into the first Intifada (19871993). Intifada was  an Israel occupation apposing movement in Palestine.

Syekh Ahmad Yassin together with other Hamas figures were caught back then by Israel Occuption troop in 1989 and was sentenced life imprisonment. yet in 1997, he got away it based on the late Hussain King request from Yordania as compensation of attempt murder  failure by Mossad  toward head of Hamas political bureau, Khaled meshel in Amman.

He was a blind and paraplegis. Those conditions were occurred for his teenager sport accident, therefor he had to use wheel chair in all his rest life. His struggle must end when the moment of death was on March 22 th 2009 ago. In that moment happened  when the spiritual leader and two of his guards went out from mosque after  taking of Subuh pray. Based on eyewitness, Israel aircraft fell 3 rudals to them. The hard Rudal striking caused there of them slain directly then. The informant in hospital added that the attack claimed  five  lives  as well the 17 other man injured


the story about him has been translated by me from Avivah’s book which tittle is Tokoh tokoh Dunia yang berani mati.


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