Marie Curie

Marie Curie whose full name was Marie SK3 Adowska Curie was born in Warsawa, Polandia on November 7 th 1897. She was pioneer in radiology major and the winner of nobel prize  twice, that were physics in 1903 and chemistry in 1911. She established institute  together with her husband Pierry Currie, she found radium element

As a girl, Marie Curie was very eager to learn so that it made her a village student who graduated with the best value. She continued her study in Sarbonne university Paris, France. She was smart student. After her graduation in mathematic major, she got the first number for her study in physics major. Her coriously in knowledge did not end. So it brought her as the first woman who seized nobel award.

marie curie

In 1903, Marie curie got many physics award achievements together with her husband Pierre Curie because they are were successful to find two radioactive elements that were Polonium and Radium. The second nobel was got by her in 1911 in chemistry major doe to her hardwork to isolate and characterize the new element

Marie curie and her husband were grown together in the family where  they respected education and knowledge. Both of their fathers were a professor. They met in Paris and then married. They often discussed about many kinds of knowledges and contributing  their energy and consideration for searching knowledge around natural phenomena.

One of Marie’s and her husband biggest dreams was to know the characteristic of radioactive element. Polonium and Radium were the first of two radioactive elements that they found successfully. Polonium was named after the place where she was born that was polandia name, whereas radium name was named after the radiation calor  of ray cloridoral salt blue which were succesfully synthesized By them. The method separated radium salt and polonium by helping uranium which was published freely in education world. They did not choose to that method so  that it did not get high economic value from their invention.

After getting nobel award in invention of polonium and radium, they did not want to give up to continue the research about radioactive element. However, at the moment Pierre Curie should leave Marie Curie and his children because of the accident which befell him.

Marie Curie’s life was never detached from knowledge and dedication to warld humanity.  Because of her honesty and persistence, she could influence many people to develop the knowledge. From 1903 to 1912, she , her student, and also her colleague continued the radium research and were succesfull to find 29 kinds of radioactive isotopes except radium.

Unfortinately, Marie Curie did not know the danger of radioactive essence when she tried  to  isolate it so that she always faced  those elements directly. Finally, the radiation of radium ray which was excessive  made her suffer  from leukemia cancer. On  july 4th 1934 in Houte Savoie, she died. The world lost strong woman who had meritoriousness to develop knowledge and humanity.


the story about her has been translated by me from Avivah’s book which tittle is Tokoh tokoh Dunia yang berani mati.

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