Umar Bin Khatab

Umar Bin Khatab was the second caliph in islam after Abu Bakar Shiddiq. He was born 12 years after the birth of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him (PBUH) In the 581 years of grace exactly. His father was Khatab and his mother was Khotmah. He was grown up in Bani Adi circle which was one of the Quraisy Clans.

Before accepting  islam  Umar Bin  khatab was known as someone who was terribly hostile to muslim because he still held his ancestor’s doctrine  that was paganism. He  often  made the bad  deeds which was commonly  commited by Jahiliah and  tortured  moslems. However,  he finally got God’s guidance and accepted  islam on dzulhijjah month   in the  sixth prophery  year, actually,  3 days after Hamzah Bin Abdul Muthalib accepted Islam

When Abu Bakar Shiddiq  functioned  as  a  caliph, Umar Bin Khatab  was  one of  his main  counsellors. After Abu Bakar Shiddiq  passed away in 634, Umar Bin  Khatab functioned  as the next caliph. Through his administration, The power  of islam sharply  increased. By his leadership, Islam troops were able  to hold  Mesopotamia  territoty and some  parts of Persia which  had   been  under  Sassanid-dynasty outhority before. Moreover, he was also able to dominate Egypt, Palestine, Syiria, north Africa and Armenia from Roman emporer (Byzantium)

In 636 years, On the Yarmuk battle which happened in Damaskus  district, 20 thausand of islam troops succeeded in defeating 70 thausand- Roman troops, therefore, Roman authority in southern-small Asia ended. Other Islam troops  in a small number were also getting  victory over the bigger number  of  Persian troops  in Qadisiyyah war which happened  near Eufrat  River. In that War, general of islam Saad bin Abi Waqqas could conquer Sassanids and succeessed in Killing Rustam Farrukhzad who was the hesitating in Persia

Umar Bin Khatab made many administrative reformation and controlled public policy closely, creating administrative  system for current conquered territory. Furthermore, he also commanded to organize census in all territories of islam outhority. In 638, he governed to expand and renovate Masjidil Haram in Makkah and Nabawi mosque in Madinah. He was well known to have unpretentious lifestyle. Which was much more different from the leaders in this country nowadays

Umar Bin Khatab passed away because of being stabbed on Wednesday of dzulhijjah in 23 of hijriah when taking fajr pray. The offender was a Majusi named Abu lu’luah who was Al Mughirah Bin Syu’bah’s slave who was ordered for killing him. He was buried beside prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakar Shiddiq. He passed away at the age of 63 years old. After his death, caliph position  was held by Usman Bin Affan


the story about him has been translated by me from Avivah’s book which tittle is Tokoh tokoh Dunia yang berani mati.


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