Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Toscana on February 15th 1564 and died in Arcetri Toscana On January 8  th at the age of 77 years. He was an astronomer, philosopher and Italian scientist who had big role in scientific revolution. His role was much enough in scientific discipline, like completing telescope, researching many kinds of astronomical observation and discovering the first movement law. Besides that, Galileo also was known as Copernicus supporter who believed that earth revolves to surround the sun. As consequence of his perspective, he was regarded to damage the faith so that he was prosposed to court of Italian church  in June 1633.galileo-9305220-1-402

Galileo was a son of Vincenzo Galilei who was musician and mathematician that was poor. His father hoped that he became a doctor later because the salary was bigger than mathematicians. Therefore at the age of 17 years, Galileo was sent to physician major in the Pisa University.

However  finally Galileo was bored to study physics and moved to learn mathematics from a teacher  in Toscana palace whose name was Ostillo Ricci. Furthermore, at the age of 21 years , he quited studying because of cost deficit this thing made him pushed so that  he returned to Florence and he started his career  as author. His work about the balance f hydroponic in 1586 and the heavy energy center of object in three years later made him to become the most famous in entire Italia

Because of his creation, Galileo was appointed to become a lecturer in Pisa University and to be professor of mathematics in Padua university in 1592. nevertheless, his life was still poor even he could not marry. However he had 2 daughters and a son from his relationship with Maria Gamba, his assistant.

As scientist, Galileo try to make simple telescope. He was successful  to create telescope with 33-time 22m ability. With that telescope, he was successful to discover Saturnus ring 42 moons on Jupiter Planet, and mountains and cauldron on the moon. This thing makes him more famous in the entire world until now.

Furthermore, Galileo also said that actually  galaxy was a group million of starts. He also did trial by dropping objects with many kinds of size and weight from Pisa Tower to his student and scientist. He did it to prove that Aristoteles’s theory  which said that heavy object would fall more quickly than light thing was wrong theory.

The result of that experiment showed that Aristoteles’s theory was wrong. Besides that, by using his telescope, Galileo was successful to prove that Aristoteles’s theory and Ptolemeus’s theory about object of sky was wrong. Aristoteles had opinion that moon’s surface was flat and radiated the light. While Ptolemeus said that the earth did not move but the sun and start moved to revolve the earth.

However, religionists and lecturer in university in the entire Italia still regarded that Aristoteles’s theory and ptolemeus’s theory were right. meanwhile, Galileo still defended his theory and supported Corpenicus’s theory who said that the sun was center of solar system. His thinking about the sun as the center of solar system contradicted with aristoteles’s teaching and church’s conviction that the earth was the center of universe. So finally, he was punished by being isolated or have to resistant home until he died.

In the development of knowledge, the theory which was said by Galileo pronounced was more and more right. So in 1992, Paus Yohanes Paulus II said legitimately that judgment of punishment which was given to him un that time was wrong. Afterwards in his speech on December 21st  2008, Paus Benediktus XVI said that roman catholic church rehabilitated galileo’s name as scientist

According Stephen hawking, Galileo could be reputed as the biggest donator for modern science world. He also often was mentioned as modern astronomist father, modern physics father and scientist father. The result of his effort could be said as big penetration from Aristoteles. His conflict with Roman catholic church which was famous with the name Galileo’s affair was a model from beginning of conflict between religion authority and the freedom of thinking especially in science at western people.



the story about him has been translated by me from Avivah’s book which tittle is Tokoh tokoh Dunia yang berani mati.

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