Keeping Sincerity

I was introspection myself about the ‘sterility’ which has been in doing four years in my creativity . More specifically, the work in writing. Since 2006 when personally I declare to join the world of writing in the FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) Aceh. It is no surprise that I entered, remember once nearly four years ago, I happened across a campus building RKU (Ruang Kuliah Umum) of Unsyiah .where is the hustle and bustle of new student  mark register yourself to join in this Syiah Kuala  university. I who felt he had completed the event queue was too long, broke away to visited Biro FKIP enroll again on the set of majors. Shortly after completing feel stuff that makes me drained of energy. Final goal is to go home.

Well this is when it crossed the front of the building’s first public lecture, written PLACE MEMBER REGISTRATION FLP, EIT .. I already  immediately paused. FLP is the short that was familiar to me. And I also know if the authorship of this organization have the branches in the entire territory of Indonesia. Back when in my home town also has joined in it. Although only 3 times after that meeting and I did not come again. There are distinct reasons that make me no longer to went there. region very far from home allows me not to spend 20 thousand every sunday to go downtown. Yes FLP in Palembang was often in the great mosque downtown.

Now back to my discovery of this organization on the ground of Rencong.

“Uh yes there is FLP?” I said at that time

“Yes, would join? Here the registration is “answered one of them
3 faces of women who were there at that time.

“Oh .. want to hurry I want to answer their call, langsunglah I fill out the registration form, include the phone number to call and submit the registration money.

A few days later I attended a test for the test. Submit the work in the form of a simple article about why I was ‘pawn in the authorship of this world’. one article into a pre-requisite to join the community of the pen (?) (so the organization is writing). I went through step by step, up grading → interview → folow up, finally legitimate-la I was a part of this family Pena Rim Forum.

4 years little has changed in me. The lack of direct may be one reason why I have not worked. lack of other meaningful countinue from not serious to make the writing as a means of beginning to share. If you speak once thought I would share my writings that became a work requirement to join this forum. The title of my writing time “write-shared-mortgaged themselves”. The bottom line when we make the writings we produce the form of fellow human beings we share our efforts and simultaneously  value with our creator (horizontal and vertikla life), similar to the + sign of a balanced, so he always grow … grow .. . and growing. Fellow human beings increases friends, experience, science (which is obviously a write it originated from he who likes to read, and there is no doubt that those who would write a work requires a reference to support its work). For survive also felt to the Creator, before he wrote his first report with the clerk’s reliable. To be worth writing a blessing.

So when the great value of this he felt it writing any real effect for others. Could be a form of awareness, inspiration for many readers, and other positive values. I’m back again look in the mirror. It turned out that the values ​​of sincerity is hard to stick in my heart. Though this is a necessary weapon for them to write.

 I wrote then was not yet my mind was  thinking much for the other, it was imagination about me proud when people read this article, I’m famous, so the speaker in the forum, can be a big royalties, on the podium, receiving the award, seen by many people (if you win the race) and other so (duh ujub .. ujub).

Well I was always the case when going to write something, or a race of authorship. Work hard at writing, working hard to more give first intentions and sincerity. Working hard and trying to down of arrogant and do optimally. Coz things that become toxic in the intentions of my heart. Could be that’s why during the four years I have worked very hard. Ah I ‘touch’ wishful thinking and intentions is wrong. I am always dreaming something more than mainstream acts.

God had called me in his way. I am a person who is always surprised when suddenly contest deadline is in sight. always the case. So I always wanted to set the initial intention, and the way I act. Should be faster to not consciously procrastinate all of my schedule in my life.


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  1. Muhammad Baiquni berkata:

    Good for you. I just forgot when I registered to FLP.

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